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Princess Honeybee and the Red Pool

Most of the scenes in Princess Honeybee and the Red Pool have a suprise or two. Here are the instructions on how to find them.

1. Castle Scene - Touch the flags to see them wave

Castle FlagsCastle Flags2. Bedroom Scene - Touch the top of the bed post to see a spider climb down from the ceiling

Bedroom SpidersBedroom Spiders

3. Closet Scene - Touch the purple shoes to see a mouse jump out!

Closet MoustCloset Moust

4. Corridor Scene - Touch the pillar furthest to the right to see a snake pop out!

Corridor SnakeCorridor Snake

5. Pool Scene - Touch the sun to see the sky change from night to day. Touch the moon to see if change back again.

Pool SunPool Sun

6. Throne Room - Touch Prince Dragonfly 3 times and he will throw a paper airplane.

Prince AirplanePrince Airplane

7. Kitchen Scene - Touch the pots and pans and they will move and clang. Touch the cook, and he will giggle.

8. Garden Scene - Touch the tulips and they will pop in any of the garden scenes.

9. Bathroom Scene - Touch the faucet to see the water drip

Drippy FaucetDrippy Faucet

10. Ballroom Scene - Tap the Jester to start a disco dance

Jester Disco DanceJester Disco Dance

11. Throne Room Scene - Near the end, once Honeybee is feeling better, if you tap the king twice and the queen twice, you can see them do a dance together.

Throne Room DanceThrone Room Dance